What Is Your Reputation Marketing Strategy?

I am super excited to announce that we have put together the final touches of our reputation marketing strategies that practically guarantees to turn local businesses into Market Leaders.  Wired Magazine considers “the greatest shift in online marketing – the new reputation economy.” A business’ reputation is in front of all of their customers and clients. Even if you have a satisfied client, and they search online for your business to get your phone number or operating hours, the first thing they see is the number of stars and reviews you have. If they see bad reviews, they may start second guessing their decision to do business with you.

Burlington Ontario Chiropractor Reviews

Let’s take a look at these Google results when you type in Burlington Chiropractor.  It’s great that a few of them have reviews, but which one stands out to you? It’s easy, isn’t it. You can see what one you would choose.

Now what if you were looking for a Veterinarian in Oakville, and this is the listing you found. Would you take your beloved pet to them?  What if you already take your pet to this veterinarian and needed to look up their phone number. If you were already having an okay experience with them, would this make you second guess your decision?

Oakville Veterinarian Reviews

We all want to have a great experience when we deal with a business, so we look to make sure that they offer great service and deliver it consistently.  Looking back at the list of Burlington Chiropractors, who’s phone do you think is ringing most? Consumers want to know what they are getting themselves into before they commit to trying your products or services.  For most people, the best indicator of your customer service level and expertise is your online reputation.

Your Reputation Marketing Strategy

So, what is your Reputation Marketing Strategy? Are you collecting reviews or just hoping customers will leave good reviews online for the whole world to see? Are you sharing your good reviews? How do people know how great your business is if you don’t tell them.

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